Nominee Services

Nominee Services

Our nominee services are recognized to be among the most direct, adequate and professionally performed. The anonymity of your business and its financial safety are in the hands of our highly-trained experts.  

The privacy of our clients is our main priority and we keep it confidential in every aspect. Disclosure of any details will not be performed before the consent of the client himself. Our company provides the following nominee services:

  • Secretary
  • Treasury
  • Shareholder service
  • Management of offices
  • Head of company/CEO

Our client’s business activities will be under full protection with our nominee services. We will ensure that their company complies with all the laws and regulations to secure uninterruptible flow of work. The beneficial owner’s identity will remain confidential and his name will be replaced with that of the nominees in the Corporate Register. This is the most reliable way the beneficial owners can keep their anonymity and meanwhile control their company by giving the nominee direct orders or by another authorized person. 

Trustee services

Our business knows no boundaries – we operate with clients from Beijing to London, from Singapore to New York. The motto that keeps us on the wave of success – is simple professionalism in any aspect and no sympathy for mediocrity. Our specter of expertise includes tax planning, asset protection and many more.

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