Office Space Rent

Virtual office space solution in Cyprus or Dubai

We at Liberty Group know that timing is of the essence regarding any successful business. That’s why our Corporate Department is dedicated in setting up your virtual offices either in Dubai or Cyprus the fastest way possible. Of course these services come with full confidentiality to make sure your endeavor receives the best service on the market today.

Liberty Group has a wide portfolio of growing firms under our management and our expertise. The years of experience behind us made our professional team leading in the field of trans-border expansion and business development.

Virtual Office Facilities

Liberty Group has the adequate know-how and understanding of the jurisdictions in Cyprus and Dubai to allow its clients to get full advantage on the facilitated procedures and tax reliefs in the time in which the responsible authorities are getting more and more aggressive on foreign companies. 

By opening a virtual office you will save a substantial amount of financial resources not sacrificing any of the quality you provide to your customers. This is possible since we have a multi-language trained team that is trained in telephone services, mail and other communications. We have an assigned visitor management deputies that can provide access to the offices if somebody requests one. This is the modern way of doing business and it is preferred one also. Imagine saving up cash from renting a physical office and in the same time provide top-quality support – this is the offer you cannot miss out with us Liberty Group.

The virtual office package that we provide includes:

  • Visitor service for commercial substance
  • Highest level of expertise from our part during meetings
  • Administration and staff support
  • Official business address in the country of choice
  • Experienced call team
  • Logistics and meeting arrangement
  • Corporate services

Liberty Group is proud provider of affordable solutions that will facilitate your business growth on a reasonable price that will not harm your budget.  

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