World-Wide Shipping and Ship-management

World-Wide Shipping and Ship-management

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Ship and Yacht Management

  • Our Legal Team provides registration for all kinds of vessels no matter the size or the type under Cypriot law. They make sure that your boat or yacht receives the proper documentation in order to sail in the islands waters. The lawyers in Liberty Group are dedicated of acquiring these results as fast and as smooth as possible.

Maritime security

  • Cyprus has the most advanced maritime security legislation and since 2012 all the ships sailing under Cypriot flag are protected by the international maritime laws against any type of aggression, piracy or other criminal activities. The lawyers in Liberty Group are keeping under close surveillance all the maritime laws in order to deliver adequate and professional support and expertise.

Litigation and dispute resolutions

  • In this day and age maritime disputes and ship arrests are becoming more common than in the past. Therefore we are armed with the most qualified law team that is ready to respond in any unfavorable scenario. Liberty Group guarantees the safety of your vessels and will always protect your rights.  


  • Our team has great experience in importing and exporting vessels to the country. With proven techniques and flawless documentation we have managed to shorten these otherwise tough procedures. You can leave all the hardship in the hands of Liberty Group’s team. Our team of lawyers have tens on years of experience in the maritime legislation and can handle every client’s request.

Import/Export Mergers and Acquisitions