Intellectual Property

Trade mark Property Protection

In liberty Group we have a copyright and design teams that create in-house content and we don’t allow any mediocrity in our job.

Trademark logos and designs

The protection of your original content is prime priority in our firm. We guarantee that your trademark logos, designs or texts that we will provide you with are protected by copyright agreements elaborated by our experienced Law Department.

  1. Enlisting companies in the Cyprus Firm Register
  2. Proper documentation prepared by our lawyers necessary to receive legal status in the country
  3. Shortened period for registration which usually takes up to 6 months
  4. Shortened period for trademark recognition
  5. Tightened security measures for the territory of the EU
  6. Latest security compliance and expertise
  7. Euro mark license
  8. Proper paperwork for membership in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  9. Any of your company’s trademarks are protected by the law
  10. Compliance with the Madrid Protocol and the treaty of Paris

Every marque registered in the EU legislation is protected by the appropriate authorities and Cyprus is no exception.

Tax benefits

Taxation in Cyprus as we already mentioned is one of the most liberal in the whole Union. Therefore the island is a preferred working environment for many companies. The local government is implementing even more benefits that can attract more firms like the effective tax for royalty income that is now 2% or less.   

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