Corporate Legal

Liberty Group is relying on its in-house highly educated and experienced Law Department that will implement all the latest legislative knowledge in order to guarantee your company’s smooth sailing either in domestic or international waters. Our corporate offers are in full compliance with the Cyprus’ laws and tax system.

Down below is a list with the services that you can expect from us:

  • Negotiation of various types of agreements
  • Gathering of multiple legal opinions
  • Providing a team supporting tax investigation authorities
  • Legal advice on tax and corporate matters
  • Advices on merger and acquisition moves
  • Real estate deal reviewing and renegotiating  
  • Refinancing and investing in real estate
  • Investigating on any possible problems related to immovable property
  • Documentation preparation regarding the Land Registry Office
  • Full legislative support in acquiring permissions to deal with immovable property in Cyprus
  • Brand and title registration

Cyprus corporate sector

The country has gained its nickname “offshore heaven” by imposing the lowest corporate tax in all the European Union – 12.5%. Cyprus is becoming a dream destination for both developed and developing businesses all around the globe. Its government has made all the efforts to put the country on the economic map of the world with many tax relief agreements and other financial and economic levers that attract investors on the island and boost the local industry.

Liberty Group has enormous experience in working with local experts in order our Customer Department to be aware of the current trends and requirements to do business properly on the “Island of Aphrodite”.

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