Locating employees

Finding the most suitable and qualified personnel has never been an easy task. Here at Liberty Group though we have an experienced and well-trained HR Department that gets the job done every time. They don’t simply rely on the provided paperwork and educational certificates provided by the applicants but also use their gut to find the right person for the right position. We apply several stages in hiring new employees:

  • Three-step detailed interviews
  • Practical examination
  • Testing team qualities and work involvement
  • Company loyalty based on past contracts


Once the employees have passed all these steps in the recruitment process, they are carefully selected according to their skills and education to best fit the departments they will work in. Liberty Group requires fluent knowledge of English and Greek languages. Communications skills are mandatory as well as high working ethic and commitment. In Liberty Group we make sure that we hire the personnel with the best potential and education to fit our high standards and to fit accordingly in the working atmosphere. Our newest employees have a 6-month trial period to establish themselves as inseparable part of our company and become committed to their client’s businesses.  

Work permits

Our Legal Department is prepared with the appropriate documentation to guarantee easy acquirement of work permits that are in compliance of the Cypriot legislation. Liberty Group makes sure to facilitate all the otherwise complicated process of receiving the proper paperwork. The experience we have in the field of recruiting new personnel under the Cyprus laws has irreplaceable role in the services that we deliver to our clients.

Housing of employees

We in Liberty Group take care of our employees like they are our own family. Our HR team makes sure to provide the appropriate living space which corresponds to our professionalism. We ensure also transportation to and off work to make life as easy as possible for our personnel so they can focus on providing their best services to our clients. The living accommodations which we provide are designed to fit all the 21st century requirements of a modern person.  

Recruitment Import/Export