Work permit

EU’s work permit & employment of foreigners

Residence and employment permit must be obtained by all third-country nationals and foreign companies are intending of employing non-EU citizens.

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Requirements for foreign companies

Any firm that wants to develop business under EU law must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The owners of the company or majority shareholders must be foreigners. If the case is that the shareholders happen to be foreign companies, they have to be registered with the Civil Registry and Migration Department (CRMD).
  2. If the participation in the share capital is 50% or below it must correspond to at least 171,000 euro.
  3. The companies have to declare specialized premises designed to be offices. This does not include private residences or offices of another company.

Employment only of executive directors, middle management and supportive staff is allowed to all the firms that comply with the regulations cited above.  

Executive directors

The local authorities have listed their criteria which matches the term “executive director”. These are third country nationals listed as:

  1. Receiving salary of at least 41,000 euro
  2. Are consulting partners in the Register of Companies
  3. General Managers of branches
  4. Departmental branches

Middle-management and other high-ranking personnel

  1. With salary between 20,503 to 40,999 euro
  2. The maximum number of employees of that rank could not exceed 10 people. If the CRMD decides that the size of your companies requires more staff they can release special permit.

Supporting staff

  1. Supporting staff is defined by nationals employed in other professional, managerial, clerical and other positions excluding the already mentioned.  
  2. Companies are required to employ local or other EU-member’s state citizens if they have the proper qualification and work requirements. In cases such are not available employment of third country nationals is allowed.

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