EU Visa

Third-country nationals – other visas and permits

Entering EU may happen by various alternative ways – temporary visas, temporary resident permits and so on.

The experienced team here at Liberty Group makes sure that all the documentation is prepared correctly and such permission can be obtained the easiest way possible.

Temporary residence permit (aka Pink Slip)

  1. Visitor Visa

There are several categories that qualify for using this kind of permit for entering the country as follows:

  1. Underage children (below 18 years), spouses, parents-in-law and other direct family from third countries
  2. Visitors that can prove to have sufficient funds to leave the country after the visa’s valid period expires
  3. Visitors that have special permissions – for humanitarian reasons, property holders etc.)

Notable is that every non-EU citizen but property owner in the country automatically receives title “visitor” but is not allowed to work on Cypriot soil.

  • Student Visa

Self-explanatory condition – every student that has started college education in the country from a non-EU third country is guaranteed temporary residence visa. It is mandatory that they immediately report their status to the Authorities in order all the documentation to be settled. 

  • Employment Visa

All applicants for this type of permits must require their Cypriot employer to submit their information and contract details to the District Office of the Aliens and Immigration Unit of the Police or at the Central Offices of the Civil Registry and Migration. There is a little detail that sometimes proves to be an obstacle for this document – it must be proven that no Cypriot or other EU-member state’s citizen is qualified for the job in mind. If every mentioned criteria are met they can receive permit of residence for up to 4 years with some rare exemptions.

EU visa – immigration permits

There are 6 types of permits according to the Regulation 5 as it follows:

  1. Transit
  2. Employment
  3. Business
  4. Student
  5. Visitor
  6. Special

Any applicant that want receive one of the above permits must qualify for one of the categories:

Category A: Persons intending to work for they own in agriculture and/or animal breeding with a capital of at least 430,000 euro. Their employment must not harm the chances of any Cypriot or EU-member’s state citizen for the same position or harm the local economy

Category B: Persons intending to work as self-employed in the mining sector. They must have 350,000 euro at their disposal and no local EU citizen’s job is jeopardized.

Category C: Persons intending to be self-employed in the trading sector and have capital of 260,000 euro. Their job cannot harm the earnings of local people and EU citizens.

Category D: Persons intending to work as a scientist and have the proper education and academic degree.

Category E: Persons that have permanent residence permit and are not in competition for employment with local or EU citizens.

Category F: Minimal requirement for living in EU without having to be employed in the local economy and without intentions to do so – 9568 euro annually with additional 4613,22 for every other person. More funds may be required by the Immigration Control Board if necessary.

All these categories can be applied for with the proper set of documentation submitted in form M.67 to the mentioned Authorities. Additional paperwork proving the income of the candidate must be presented for Category F and cost 119,60 euro and 46,13 euro for a related person.

Resident permit for non-EU family members of EU citizens

Upon presenting legitimate documentation for a relation with a EU-member citizen, non-EU citizens are granted a residence permit.

Non-EU family members of citizens residing in EU are also eligible for permit from the Authorities.

Financial companies Work permit