Maintaining perfect relations with the backbone of your company – the employees are always the number one priority for every company since every single one of them makes your firm stand out from the crowd. Therefore, we have put extra effort into building a complex and reliable payroll system. It calculates electronically all the taxes and additional payment that must be involved with each employee’s salary. Now you can relax and be sure your workers are happy, and to save your time into the expanding of the operation.

Our payroll services

  • Professional assistance is registration and de-registration: Complete support in filling the complicated either registration or de-registration forms for employees or employers. Saving time means saving money and every minute counts.
  • Payroll records: Every payment is kept in the books in order to have adequate and precise knowledge on the invoices sent and received.
  • Report issuance: Every payment is accounted for, depending on the instructions received by your company
  • Returns are submitted to the authorities: Tax returns are always a huge burden around the bosses’ neck, so our team makes sure to get them fixed and shipped for you.
  • Insurances and social payments: They are all handled by a specialized department and will never ever be your concern again.

Benefits of working with Liberty Group:

  • Lowering the total sum for expenses by 50%.
  • Providing the highest quality expertise in order to boost productivity.
  • Proven strategies for spending reduction.
  • Payroll processing using cutting-edge software.
  • Highly experienced professional law team aware of the newest of the new in international legislation laws.

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