Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance
  • Professional audits that include the highest standards that are in compliance with the IAS and Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Customized service that will fit both regional and international requirements.
  • Risk management and support
  • Featured adjustments for IAS/GAAP compliance
  • Internal control
  • Reports and detailed information delivered directly

Liberty Group’s Law Department observes all Europe’s jurisdiction changes in order to maintain the highest standards we can offer to our clients. We focus on the required documentation and implementation of new additional paperwork in order to keep your business thriving under our guidance.

Our company provides the following required documents:

  • Bank statements
  • Buying/selling invoice record
  • Full set of required agreements for various services (loan, lease, share purchase etc.

Cyprus tax law & tax returns

Every company that operates on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus is required to present to the authorities full report on the activities that for the past year. The documents, which must meet the International Financial Reporting Standards must be written in Greek or English and also must be presented to the Register of Companies.

Your audits will be professionally filled out by Liberty Group’s experienced Law Department. We have the imperative advantage over the competition in collecting and forming all the required documentation in an uncompromising way and according to all professional standards before starting to procedure our team examines thoroughly your firm’s control system, financial reports, and other essential documentation.

Our dedication is not to finish our job with the audit, but to present a complete service that will keep your business always intact.

Here at Liberty Group we believe that the best environment is the controlled one and that’s why we maintain highest working etiquette in delivering it.

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